This is the driver for generating RDoc output. It handles file parsing and generation of output.

To use this class to generate RDoc output via the API, the recommended way is:

rdoc =
options = rdoc.load_options # returns an RDoc::Options instance
# set extra options
rdoc.document options

You can also generate output like the rdoc executable:

rdoc =
rdoc.document argv

Where argv is an array of strings, each corresponding to an argument you’d give rdoc on the command line. See <tt>rdoc –help for details.




[R] store

The current documentation store

[R] stats

Accessor for statistics. Available after each call to parse_files

[RW] options

RDoc options

[R] last_modified

Hash of files and their last modified times.

[RW] generator

Generator instance used for creating output

[RW] exclude

File pattern to exclude

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