Encapsulate the production of rdoc documentation. Basically you can use this as you would invoke rdoc from the command line:

rdoc = RDoc::RDoc.new

Where args is an array of strings, each corresponding to an argument you’d give rdoc on the command line. See <tt>rdoc –help for details.


When you require 'rdoc/rdoc' RDoc looks for ‘rdoc/discover’ files in your installed gems. This can be used to load alternate generators or add additional preprocessor directives.

You will want to wrap your plugin loading in an RDoc version check. Something like:

  gem 'rdoc', '~> 3'
  require 'path/to/my/awesome/rdoc/plugin'
rescue Gem::LoadError

The most obvious plugin type is a new output generator. See RDoc::Generator for details.

You can also hook into RDoc::Markup to add new directives (:nodoc: is a directive). See RDoc::Markup::PreProcess::register for details.




[RW] exclude

File pattern to exclude

[RW] generator

Generator instance used for creating output

[R] last_modified

Hash of files and their last modified times.

[RW] options

RDoc options

[R] stats

Accessor for statistics. Available after each call to parse_files

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