radio_button_tag(name, value, *args) public

Creates a radio button; use groups of radio buttons named the same to allow users to select from a group of options.


  • :checked - If set to true, the radio button will be selected by default.

  • :disabled - If set to true, the user will not be able to use this input.

  • Any other key creates standard HTML options for the tag.


radio_button_tag 'favorite_color', 'maroon'
# => <input id="favorite_color_maroon" name="favorite_color" type="radio" value="maroon" />

radio_button_tag 'receive_updates', 'no', true
# => <input checked="checked" id="receive_updates_no" name="receive_updates" type="radio" value="no" />

radio_button_tag 'time_slot', "3:00 p.m.", false, disabled: true
# => <input disabled="disabled" id="time_slot_3:00_p.m." name="time_slot" type="radio" value="3:00 p.m." />

radio_button_tag 'color', "green", true, class: "color_input"
# => <input checked="checked" class="color_input" id="color_green" name="color" type="radio" value="green" />
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