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action_cable_meta_tag() public

Returns an “action-cable-url” meta tag with the value of the URL specified in your configuration. Ensure this is above your JavaScript tag:

  <%= action_cable_meta_tag %>
  <%= javascript_include_tag 'application', 'data-turbolinks-track' => 'reload' %>

This is then used by Action Cable to determine the URL of your WebSocket server. Your CoffeeScript can then connect to the server without needing to specify the URL directly:

#= require cable
@App = {}
App.cable = Cable.createConsumer()

Make sure to specify the correct server location in each of your environment config files:

config.action_cable.mount_path = "/cable123"
<%= action_cable_meta_tag %> would render:
=> <meta name="action-cable-url" content="/cable123" />

config.action_cable.url = "ws://actioncable.com"
<%= action_cable_meta_tag %> would render:
=> <meta name="action-cable-url" content="ws://actioncable.com" />
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