password_field_tag(name = "password", value = nil, options = {}) public

Creates a password field, a masked text field that will hide the users input behind a mask character.


  • :disabled - If set to true, the user will not be able to use this input.

  • :size - The number of visible characters that will fit in the input.

  • :maxlength - The maximum number of characters that the browser will allow the user to enter.

  • Any other key creates standard HTML attributes for the tag.


password_field_tag 'pass'
# => <input id="pass" name="pass" type="password" />

password_field_tag 'secret', 'Your secret here'
# => <input id="secret" name="secret" type="password" value="Your secret here" />

password_field_tag 'masked', nil, class: 'masked_input_field'
# => <input class="masked_input_field" id="masked" name="masked" type="password" />

password_field_tag 'token', '', size: 15
# => <input id="token" name="token" size="15" type="password" value="" />

password_field_tag 'key', nil, maxlength: 16
# => <input id="key" maxlength="16" name="key" type="password" />

password_field_tag 'confirm_pass', nil, disabled: true
# => <input disabled="disabled" id="confirm_pass" name="confirm_pass" type="password" />

password_field_tag 'pin', '1234', maxlength: 4, size: 6, class: "pin_input"
# => <input class="pin_input" id="pin" maxlength="4" name="pin" size="6" type="password" value="1234" />
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