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new(name = '', *value) public

Creates a new CGI::Cookie object.

The contents of the cookie can be specified as a name and one or more value arguments. Alternatively, the contents can be specified as a single hash argument. The possible keywords of this hash are as follows:

  • :name - The name of the cookie. Required.
  • :value - The cookie’s value or list of values.
  • :path - The path for which this cookie applies. Defaults to the base directory of the CGI script.
  • :domain - The domain for which this cookie applies.
  • :expires - The time at which this cookie expires, as a Time object.
  • :secure - Whether this cookie is a secure cookie or not (defaults to false). Secure cookies are only transmitted to HTTPS servers.
  • :http_only - Whether this cookie can be accessed by client side scripts (e.g. document.cookie) or only over HTTP. More details in http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.httpcookie.httponly.aspx. Defaults to false.

These keywords correspond to attributes of the cookie object.

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