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insert_html(position, id, *options_for_render) public

Inserts <a href="/rails/HTML">HTML</a> at the specified position relative to the DOM element identified by the given id.

position may be one of:

:top:HTML is inserted inside the element, before the element’s existing content.
:bottom:HTML is inserted inside the element, after the element’s existing content.
:before:HTML is inserted immediately preceding the element.
:after:HTML is inserted immediately following the element.

options_for_render may be either a string of HTML to insert, or a hash of options to be passed to ActionView::Base#render. For example:

  # Insert the rendered 'navigation' partial just before the DOM
  # element with ID 'content'.
  # Generates: new Insertion.Before("content", "-- Contents of 'navigation' partial --");
  insert_html :before, 'content', :partial => 'navigation'

  # Add a list item to the bottom of the <ul> with ID 'list'.
  # Generates: new Insertion.Bottom("list", "<li>Last item</li>");
  insert_html :bottom, 'list', '<li>Last item</li>'
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