The PostgreSQL adapter works both with the native C (http://ruby.scripting.ca/postgres/) and the pure Ruby (available both as gem and from http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=234&release_id=1944) drivers.


  • :host — Defaults to localhost
  • :port — Defaults to 5432
  • :username — Defaults to nothing
  • :password — Defaults to nothing
  • :database — The name of the database. No default, must be provided.
  • :schema_search_path — An optional schema search path for the connection given as a string of comma-separated schema names. This is backward-compatible with the :schema_order option.
  • :encoding — An optional client encoding that is used in a SET client_encoding TO <encoding> call on the connection.
  • :min_messages — An optional client min messages that is used in a SET client_min_messages TO <min_messages> call on the connection.
  • :allow_concurrency — If true, use async query methods so Ruby threads don’t deadlock; otherwise, use blocking query methods.
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