validates_inclusion_of(*attr_names) public

Validates whether the value of the specified attribute is available in a particular enumerable object.

  class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_inclusion_of :gender, :in=>%w( m f ), :message=>"woah! what are you then!??!!"
    validates_inclusion_of :age, :in=>0..99

Configuration options:

  • in - An enumerable object of available items
  • message - Specifies a customer error message (default is: "is not included in the list")
  • allow_nil - If set to true, skips this validation if the attribute is null (default is: false)
  • if - Specifies a method, proc or string to call to determine if the validation should

occur (e.g. :if => :allow_validation, or :if => Proc.new { |user| user.signup_step > 2 }). The method, proc or string should return or evaluate to a true or false value.

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