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ActiveRecord connection adapter for Sybase Open Client bindings (see http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/sybase-ctlib).


  • :host — The name of the database server. No default, must be provided.
  • :database — The name of the database. No default, must be provided.
  • :username — Defaults to sa.
  • :password — Defaults to empty string.

Usage Notes:

  • The sybase-ctlib bindings do not support the DATE SQL column type; use DATETIME instead.
  • Table and column names are limited to 30 chars in Sybase 12.5
  • :binary columns not yet supported
  • :boolean columns use the BIT SQL type, which does not allow nulls or indexes. If a DEFAULT is not specified for ALTER TABLE commands, the column will be declared with DEFAULT 0 (false).


The Sybase adapter supports migrations, but for ALTER TABLE commands to work, the database must have the database option ‘select into’ set to ‘true’ with sp_dboption (see below). The sp_helpdb command lists the current options for all databases.

  1> use mydb
  2> go
  1> master..sp_dboption mydb, "select into", true
  2> go
  1> checkpoint
  2> go
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