This module provides a class-level method for specifying that certain actions are guarded against being called without certain prerequisites being met. This is essentially a special kind of before_filter.

An action may be guarded against being invoked without certain request parameters being set, or without certain session values existing.

When a verification is violated, values may be inserted into the flash, and a specified redirection is triggered.


  class GlobalController < ActionController::Base
    # prevent the #update_settings action from being invoked unless
    # the 'admin_privileges' request parameter exists.
    verify :params => "admin_privileges", :only => :update_post,
           :redirect_to => { :action => "settings" }

    # disallow a post from being updated if there was no information
    # submitted with the post, and if there is no active post in the
    # session, and if there is no "note" key in the flash.
    verify :params => "post", :session => "post", "flash" => "note",
           :only => :update_post,
           :add_flash => { "alert" => "Failed to create your message" },
           :redirect_to => :category_url
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