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This class is deprecated or moved on the latest stable version. The last existing version (v1.2.6) is shown here.

The OpenBase adapter works with the Ruby/Openbase driver by Tetsuya Suzuki. http://www.spice-of-life.net/ruby-openbase/ (needs version 0.7.3+)


  • :host — Defaults to localhost
  • :username — Defaults to nothing
  • :password — Defaults to nothing
  • :database — The name of the database. No default, must be provided.

The OpenBase adapter will make use of OpenBase’s ability to generate unique ids for any column with an unique index applied. Thus, if the value of a primary key is not specified at the time an INSERT is performed, the adapter will prefetch a unique id for the primary key. This prefetching is also necessary in order to return the id after an insert.

Caveat: Operations involving LIMIT and OFFSET do not yet work!

Maintainer: derrick.spell@gmail.com


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